Shipping & Returns


Prices and content valid except typo


Once confirmed the payment of your order, we will immediately put ourselves to prepare and send it. We will send you your order with spain’s post office through his service “International package economic” or "International Registered Letter". You will receive it in 5-7 days. For international orders, the tariffs will be the own ones of the Spanish Postal Agency according to the weight of the order as long as this one does not supass the 20 kilos of weight.

If the customer is not at the time of delivery, the carrier will try a 2nd order delivery. If the customer is not to pick the order, the carrier returns to FARMACIAENLAWEB (policy transport companies) with an extra charge for us, so if the client demanded so will be responsible for that amount and shipping charge. If we asked them the phone is this, that the carrier does not have to return the order to the source.


If you decide that you want to give back your order, you can do it in the 7 following days from the moment in which you receive it, in the same conditions in which it has been sent to you and with their original wrapper. We advised to you that before making your order you meditate if really you want to order the content of your shopping cart, because if you decide to give it back, you will have to pay with all the administrative expenses caused. In order to give back your order, send us an electronic mail telling us your decision and send us your package to:

Farmacia Beatriz Cubillas

Avda Comercial, 4 barañain 31010

Navarra, Spain